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Would you like your marriage to get off to a great start before you say I do? Building a marriage relationship is much like the construction of a building. A strong foundation is the first step. I offer Christian Premarital Counseling that will provide you as a couple a strong foundation to begin building upon. I have the experience and Biblical knowledge to show you what God’s plan is for marriage, enabling you to incorporate the strongest, most durable foundation, available for your marriage.

Together, you and your fiancé are about to experience one of the most important events in your life. It will affect the rest of your lives, the lives of your children, and, most importantly, your relationship with Christ. Who you marry and the steps you take to get there are the second-most important thing in your life from God’s perspective, second only to your personal relationship with Him.

Marriage is not simply a man-made legal convenience. God invented marriage. It is s solemn covenant between a man, a woman, and God. Learning His will and plan for marriage is the way to maximize having a successful marriage, a marriage full of joy that also fulfills one of God’s main desires for you marriage, a marriage that demonstrates to the world God’s relationship with and love for the church.

Together you and your loved one will learn to prepare the ground, lay the foundation, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, build unity, and deal with specific issues such as communication, roles and responsibilities, and sexual intimacy. I am able to provide Biblical wisdom and guidance in all of these areas as well as any unique circumstances that may be present.

Session Details

Premarital counseling usually takes 4-6 50-minute counseling sessions, depending upon your circumstances and your desire to go to a deeper level.

Sessions are charged at my regular rate of $100 per session, and this includes a copy for each of you of these three books:

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